YouTube Channels

We create original YouTube contents.

Besides the official RW MobiMedia YouTube Channel, “The Roaming Bits” is our another YouTube Channel targeting the audience who likes sightseeing, especially in Japan and other Asian countries. RW MobiMedia UK is planning to work on the European contents after the world is recovered from the pandemic.

We use Final Cut Pro for video editing, and we are able to process 4K video footages. With our first-hand experience in operating and monetising a YouTube Channel, we follow the ever-changing YouTube policies closely, and can help you get started.

As YouTube is getting more popular, and the use of video conferencing becomes a new norm during the pandemic, it is no longer necessary for us to invest thousands and millions on broadcast-grade equipments just to produce a video, even for business purposes. People are paying more attentions to the contents and the messages rather than the Hollywood movie effects.

If you want to show videos on your website, instead of uploading your video files directly to your web hosting account, we recommend you to first upload the videos to YouTube, and embed the videos on your website. By doing so, YouTube can help save your web server bandwidth, and also provide an additional channel for you to promote you video contents on YouTube.

The Roaming Bits