Until we meet again…

We have a pretty long history.

“RW Android Labs” was founded in 2010 by doing experimental Android and mobile web application projects. On 21 May 2015, RW MobiMedia Hong Kong was formed to provide commercial consulting services online while continuing with our products. In 2020, we moved from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom.

Our business name reflects our offerings to provide consultationsdevelopment, and support services related to mobile applications and multimedia. We see that traditional web and multimedia content are accessed more from mobile devices. Therefore, by utilising our expertise in multimedia productions, responsive web, and mobile application development, we believe we can help our clients reach their targeted audiences more effectively and achieve success.

The world keeps on changing, and so are we.

Starting in 2022, we no longer serve external projects. We will continue our limited support of our existing Android Apps until they no longer serve their purposes.

We thank all our previous project clients and Android App users, and we will see you again later.