WordPress & WooCommerce

Website Services

WordPress is a system for building websites. It comes with the basic functions we need to edit and publish websites, and on top of it, we can install themes and customise the layouts. Additionally, we can install free or paid plug-ins to extend the functionalities. WooCommerce is one of the plugins we can use to convert a website into an online shop.

WordPress is the most common CMS in the world. WordPress now powers over 1/3rd of the top 10 million sites on the web.

Setting up a WordPress site can be easy – if you are satisfied with just a simple text-based website that filled with spams and security backdoors. Using a template is always cost-effective and quick to get your website up and running, but surely you will need some customisations to make it coherent with your contents. With our responsive web building and multimedia production experience, we can help match and optimise your contents with a WordPress template that fits your requirements.

Services we provide include but not limited to:

  • Domain registration, web hosting setup
  • Theme sourcing, installation & customisations
  • Contents editing & optimisation
  • WooCommerce plugins & payment gateway setup
  • Daily site administration, operational support & backup
  • Regular server security health-check
  • Hacked site clean-up
  • Website migration (hosting change)
  • SSL (HTTPS) Setup

We can take small to medium website projects that utilises the WordPress technology. We do not offer advanced website development services (for example, online banking websites, video streaming portals).

Don’t know how to work with us?

You do not need to know web design, and you do not need to bring with you a designer to work with us.

We have an onboarding guide for our new website clients. Before we start building the website, we shall first try to understand more about you. You will be guided how you can prepare the contents that we need, and confirm the design efficiently to minimise your cost, and have the website done and gone live more quickly.

Service rate:

  • We charge a flat hourly rate £23 (or USD30) for the tasks we can take. If paid themes or plugins are required for the website, there will be a 5% service charge on top of the theme/plugin licenses fee.
  • We believe that charging hourly is the best option if you want us to guide you through the entire website building process, so that you are able to make unlimited changes, and to stop at any point according to your budget and schedule.
  • A fixed term/cost contract often leads to misunderstanding and disappointment. However, if you have everything ready and confirmed, we are able to provide a fixed cost bespoke service package after understanding your expectations, and what the materials you are ready to provide.
  • We can help administer and update your website. We provide discounted committed use packages to our existing website clients.

… and some of the websites we have worked on:

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