We make Android Apps

since 2010

RW MobiMedia started in 2010 as “RW Android Labs”.

We have been doing experiments, and have produced a list of small popular Android Apps with 1,100,000+ installations. We have partnered with Google AdMob and other Ads platform to monetise our Apps.

Building mobile Apps can be very expensive. This is because the mobile technology is advancing quickly, the policies we have to observe when distributing mobile Apps are changing regularly, and the App market is getting saturated that we need more efforts to market the Apps. Our goal is to create mobile Apps that solve real-world problems without making things too complicated to use and maintain.

Our experience can help reduce your stress and frustration when starting your first mobile App project.

In recent years, we have shifted our focus to help our external clients build their Apps under Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Here we keep a snapshot of our proprietary Android App products released in the past 10+ years.

TrigoMeter by RW MobiMedia
Note to our Hong Kong Ferry App subscribers:
The Hong Kong Ferry App has been discontinued in 2020. We have cancelled your automatic subscription renewal to prevent you from being charged again. Existing subscribers may request for a refund through the App. The refund is handled by RW MobiMedia (Hong Kong).
Note to our Geolocation App users:
We have received several unauthorised credit card transaction complaints from the people who might have used the “geolocation” service provided by other websites. Please note that our Geolocation App is a free app. It does not ask for your credit card information, nor charge you for the usage.

Why not just try our Apps?

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