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Starting from September 2021, RW MobiMedia UK will be focusing on maintaining our own digital assets, including our existing Android Apps and digital media products.

We no longer offer external consultation services.

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Can you make me another (WhatsApp) for £800?

Sometimes we receive requests like that. Because we can download certain very popular Apps for free, it is a misconception that those Apps can be recreated quickly and at a very low cost.

If we say we are able to do that, probably those big names have already acquired our business! That is why it is important to define what you really want to achieve, and we can act as your consultant to share our insights on the costs and resources required to transform your ideas into working products.

Why shouldn't my App supports both the iPhone and Android from the very beginning?

That all depends on your budget, and also how concrete your ideas are. When your App runs on both platforms, for every change you make, you will have to update both of them, to test both of them, and to fix the problems that might happen only on either platform.

If you just want to explore what you can do by trying, it is not really cost effective to support both platforms too early. Because of this, you may want to split the project into phases or modules.

Can you host my app on your Google Play account?

Unfortunately we are unable to do that due to the Google Play policies. In case of policy violations, Google may terminate the developer account in question, and all its linked Google services like AdMob.

At the positive side, Google only charge you a one-time fee to set up a developer account. It is not really expensive to create your own Google Play Store listing. The account creation process is relatively fast, but it will take a few days for your first App to be approved. If you need any help on setting up the account, please contact us.