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The Google Hong Kong “Think Mobile” 2015 partners day was held today at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. RW MobiMedia has been invited to attend, and here we are happy to summarize some interesting figures related to the Hong Kong App users mentioned in the event with our fellow supporters.

Market Share

  • Worldwide:
    78% of smartphones run Android (iOS: 17.4%)
    62% of tablets run Android (other: 38%)
  • Hong Kong:
    69% of main smartphone run Android (iOS: 28%, Windows Mobile/Windows Phone: 1%)

Native App vs Web App

  • 78% of Hong Kong App users prefer specific app for playing games (most)
  • 50% of Hong Kong App users prefer specific app for shopping
  • 35% of Hong Kong App users prefer specific app for searching for information (least)

App Usage

  • Hong Kong App users have 43 apps installed on average
  • Most time spent in messaging apps
  • 70% find push alerts useful especially for social networks and messaging


  • Skippable video ads are most popular, pop-ups least
  • Hong Kong App users prefer¬†free Apps over paid Apps. They show a relatively low tendency to pay

The findings above should wake up the project owners in Hong Kong who are still not willing to face the fact that iOS is not really that popular. It is time to wake up, and to stop making your app as iOS first!


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